"Loci's very smart,  he doesn't take very long to learn something. He had been very ill a few months ago but with loving care has survived and is back to his old self. He's a very special part of my friend Tamara’s family." Barbara 

Loci. Hand painted watercolor ornament ©Shelly Burden

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Barbara wrote: "Wow....you did a great job and I know my friend will love it. Thanks for your beautiful work."
Amanda's photos shared her Sadie girl in action, intent & ready to play. But when I saw this image I knew it was The One. A keepsake I could show her spunk as well as her adoration. Amanda wrote "I am so excited to see her face come alive again in your painting!"

Sadie 5x7 Memorial. Watercolor. ©Shelly Burden
Sassy Smudges story: "Sadie was a little ball of energy at all times. She loved to cuddle but she also loved to play with her sisters. Her favorite time was when I would say the word frisbee...I'd have her full attention, she couldn't wait for me to throw it. All I had to do was say the word and she would go find it and bring it to me ready to go! I would give anything to have a little more time with my sweet girl."  Amanda
Another of Linda's gifts. With Katie's sweet look and lovely tones, she's just gorgeous!

Katie. Hand Painted Ornament ©Shelly Burden
Linda's reaction to her thoughtful gifts? "I love them!" It doesn't get better than that, thank you Linda!

Snickers & Maddie. Hand painted ornaments ©Shelly Burden
Sassy Smudges story:  Aren't they adorable? Speaking of adored family members, gift giver Linda was at it again! Sending the cutest photos, with her comment: "I'd like to commission you to paint more ornaments for me, the one's you painted last year made everyone else in the family want them too!"

I was so pleased to provide her families keepsakes! Delighted to work with Linda and that she chose my work. Again. That people return & refer my business to others is awesome, I truly appreciate the trust and enjoy our shared history. Contact me to inquire about your keepsake.

Skye 11x14 Watercolor. ©Shelly Burden

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Sassy Smudges story:
This gorgeous Great Dane, with his heart melting grey eyes (which I'm told were blue as a puppy), is the constant companion of Kathy's youngest son. I love Skye's sweet look but can't take credit for the pose as Kathy knew what she was doing when stating her preference. And I agreed wholeheartedly. What a wonderful choice! And a thoughtful gift.z

Kathy wrote: "Wow...you are amazing Shelly! Love it"
SmileI'm so pleased! Thank you Kathy!Smile
Hannah and Hunter. Hand painted ornaments ©Shelly Burden
(Get it or Gift it...Contact me for either. Inquiries always welcomed)

Sassy Smudges story: "These beagles belong to one of my dearest friends. She & her husband are hard to shop for because they have everything one needs. They don't have children, these cuties are like their kids." Stephanie