You know my 1st love is creating keepsakes that represent the special relationships in our lives. But other images also taunt to become my muse, making themselves available for art shows and private collections. 
Work in progress: a Lion statue I admired in Paris, it finally found it's way to my easel!
Lion Head Statue 11x14 Watercolor ©Shelly Burden
Double matte and framed. $490. Available for purchase at the Tower Gallery until Sept. 25.

 Liberty 11x14 Watercolor ©Shelly Burden
Framed. $450. Available for purchase at the Tower Gallery until Sept. 25.

Though this Statue of Liberty is closer to home, I saw both the lions and the lady while visiting France. She's always a spectacular sight, but was even moreso silhouetted in the Paris moonlight. If I'm able to paint that image worthy of sharing, you'll be the first I'll tell. 
In the meantime enjoy this version and I hope to see you at the Tower show! (Grapevine Tower Building. South Main St)
 Panda. 5x7 Memorial watercolor keepsake. ©Shelly Burden

This delicate cat was so pretty! Besides the signature dark Siamese markings, Panda had lovely rich brown tones that complimented her deep blue eyes perfectly. Although Panda passed away a few years ago she is still very fondly remembered.
Of her Mom's birthday gift, Susan wrote: "Panda looks wonderful...continue to love your work."
 Belle. Hand painted watercolor ornament ©Shelly Burden
Contact me for a portrait of your own. Inquiries welcome.

Michelle shared 1 favorite photo as reference for her friends gift, but she knew what she was doing, it was all I needed to provide her thoughtful keepsake. This 15 year old girl dog has such a pretty, perky look and the slight profile shows Belle's expressive eyes and nuances of her blond tresses perfectly. And the bow? An adorable addition that completes her story.
Michelle observed: "It looks amazing, Peter is going to love his ornament!"
 Ruby 5x7 Watercolor. ©Shelly Burden
"Ruby, now 7, is a tenacious hunter. Even as a puppy by 10-12 weeks she was catching mice. Which is true to her Carrain Terrier nature as they're bred to go in and out of stone walls for small game.
This little girl dogs not only cute, she's athletic & spunky. A real livewire.
A birthday gift for her daughter in law, Pat wouldn't tell her curious son why she needed photos, preferring to surprise them both.
Her reaction? "This is great. So interesting to see the progression" then "This is perfect. You've captured Zoe and Archie's personalities perfectly. I love it and I know Tiffany will too."
Archie and Zoe 8x10 Watercolor Keepsake. Done & at home in California.
©Shelly Burden"

"Bull Terriers are very funny, stubborn & lovable. Archie's tan and white and is less than a year old. He's a hard headed little boy but has graduated from puppy school to intermediate classes so we'll see...
Zoe is white with a black patch on her eye and is about 7 years old. Zoe loves to roll in the grass and on walks will take advantage of every grassy spot she finds to roll and flop. When people see her, depending on their age, they compare her to General Patton's dog, Spuds MacKenzie or the Target dog."
Tullie Belle 5x7 Watercolor Keepsake. ©Shelly Burden
"It was a hot summer night in July, 2012, when Tulip luckily made her way to my neighbors driveway. Knowing I had a dog (the beloved Brinkley and an original Sassy Smudges model!), he thought I might be able to help with this 4 mo old pup wandered up to him for a scratching. I walked down the street to his house to put a collar on and leash up Tulip. Clearly that was all new to her as she bucked like a little bronco and didn't know how to walk on a leash! I scooped her up and took her home. 
The next day I got her to sit still long enough to take her picture so I could hang flyers in the neighborhood. My intention was to leave the flyers up for a week to find her rightful owner. I lasted five days and the rest is, as they say, history! She has been a great companion not only to me, but to the aging Brinkle Bear as well. She is funny and wacky and quirky and adorable!" Alison
Looking at photos can tug the heartstrings, especially when finding favorites for a memorial portrait. But the quirky memories they inspire? And the keepsake they provide? Heartwarming.
 5x7 Hermione. Memorial Watercolor ©Shelly Burden. 

 "I had 3 dogs and a cat but Hermione came home and fit right in.
She's been on my lap every time I sit in our house from that day on. She was my Baby.
" Dana
Dana's comment? "It's perfect! I knew it would be!"
 This painting has a home, but you can contact me for a keepsake starring your pet. Inquiries always welcomed.
Gemma 11x14 Watercolor ©Shelly Burden.
"Gemma is a West Highland Terrier. She is a typically Terrier, very happy and busy. She is very sweet and loving."
 Carla & Sam. Memorial 11x14 Watercolor ©Shelly Burden
(Get it or Gift it...Contact me for either. Inquiries always welcomed)
Carla & Sam's portrait: off to it's new home in Michigan!
Gift giver Brigitte wrote: "Just precious. Thank you so very much! It's wonderful! My friend is going to love it!"
Spot 11x14 Watercolor ©Shelly Burden
"Spot likes soft chewy toys, laying on comfy chairs & taking slow walks (where he's showered with attention from the neighbors & the mailman) Spot is gracious to visitors but only has eyes for his owner Pat."