When conning, err, asking "The Princess" to help build a 20 sec video I truly thought it'd be accomplished in mere minutes...hours later, bribed by a tank of gas, dinner & vino she/we called it done.
©Shelly Burden All rights reserved.

Thoughtful friend & gift giver Lillian wrote: "Domino's been a companion to (my friend) Wallas for the past 15 years. They had a very special bond and I know he misses her dearly. This portrait will be a special reminder to him of all the memories they had."

Then later: "I love it Shelly. You have no idea what a powerful gift you have to capture the essence of your subject."
 Domino 8x10 Commissioned Memorial Portrait ©Shelly Burden

"One Says it All" ©Shelly Burden

 9x12 Watercolor on (white) gallery wrapped canvas.
Gallery wrapped canvas=hangs without a frame!
$215 Contact me

"Toby: A playful, cuddly and intelligent toy Aussie. The portrait's a gift for friends." Linda and Ann

Toby 5x7 Commissioned Portrait ©Shelly Burden
 "Lucy belongs to one of my team members. Lucy's a high spirited, energetic girl." Linda and Ann

Lucy 5x7 Commissioned Portrait ©Shelly Burden

Of her gifts, Linda wrote
: "Both of your portraits are so beautiful and capture the spunk in both Toby and Lucy's personalities. It will be thrilling to see the expressions on their "owners" faces when they see these special gifts.Thank you!

"Abby (dog) was abandoned at my parents farm, which had been a drop off point for unwanted pets for many years. Unfortunately both parents had passed so there was no one to rescue Abby, but my brother in law checked on things and called saying there was a black lab puppy left there. We had just lost our dog, it was a perfect fit. That's been 10 years ago now. Abby was about 4 months and so very lovable.

Friday (cat) was a baby when he came to live with us. We had a pet sitter that didn't sit and so when we were out of town, our loved cat disappeared.  My husband daily, sometimes twice a day, would stop in at all the shelters to see if our cat was there. On Friday the 13th, almost 7 years ago, he came home with this very small kitten.  Friday fit in the palm of his hand and had been left at one of the shelters.

He was immediately adopted by us, and not having known his Mom, assumed Abby was his Mom. We have precious pictures of Friday sleeping next to Abby. Abby was so wonderful, never snapping or complaining, often grooming Friday. They'd engage in "wrestling" matches, both being extremely gentle with the other. They've gotten older now so it isn't quite the same, but Friday still wants to snuggle as close to Abby as possible. Abby isn't as happy with it as she once was since Friday is a much bigger cat now! They are wonderful together and seem to understand how much they are loved.
 Friday and Abby 11x14 Commissioned Portrait ©Shelly Burden
"Mandy is our very pretty chocolate lab. The first couple years with a Lab are very trying. They chew everything. Steve lost many pairs of glasses. Even as an adult, she gets into anything editable. This year I had to take her to the vet for eating a bottle of Remo’s (boxers) arthritis medication! Mandy is a pill but such a peaceful, loving companion." BJ
Mandy Ornament ©Shelly Burden

"Punkin was rescued with her brother by Furever Friends. She's always been a very small cat. Punkin is Steve’s baby. He can flip her on her back, throw her is the air and she does not care. She is always close to her daddy, though any of her people are acceptable even the other dogs and cats. She just likes being near Steve, who calls our loveable girl “Punkin head”." BJ
Punkin Ornament ©Shelly Burden

 "Muffin was my daughter’s cat. Our cat Callie had kittens and 1 was a calico but that's not why we kept her, Muffin cried so much & so loud we worried a new family might get tired of it.
Let me start at the beginning. My daughter got a kitten for her birthday – Critter! Shortly after the kids found two kittens – Callie and a black male (forgot his name). Critter had babies & when they were 6 wks gave them to their new homes.The next day Callie had babies. Critter missed her babies so much she would steal Callie’s kittens. Callie didn't seem to care. Both Critter & Callie would lay in the box and feed whoever. But when Critter tried to steal Muffin everyone knew as she would cry so loud! So we kept her.
When Critter died, my daughter, April made Muffin her cat. April and Muffin were very close and Muffin was happy to stay with her mother Callie. When April grew up & moved away Muffin stayed with us, until her passing at 16 yrs."
  Muffin Memorial Ornament ©Shelly Burden