Cyndi wrote of Buddy's portrait: "Oh my gosh... Seeing it brought tears to my eyes.. You've captured his expression so perfectly. Thank you."
Buddy 11x14 Commissioned Watercolor ©Shelly Burden
Sassy Smudges story: "He showed up in our backyard one day and had been given up by his owner. The minute I saw him I was in love. Everyone loved him, and he loved everyone. He was so handsome people would stop and take pictures of him. For some reason butterflies would always land on him and give him "kisses". He was my husbands first dog and his shadow." Cyndi

Sydney 8x10 Commissioned Watercolor ©Shelly Burden
Sassy Smudges story: This adorable miniature American Eskimo passed the month before Rhonda, as a gift for her sister, had Sydney's portrait painted. Although this keepsake honors the relationship Regina shared with her fluffy girl dog, it also shares a story of caring between siblings. That's worth noticing.

Sadie 8x10 Commissioned Portrait. ©Shelly Burden
Sassy Smudges Story: "In 2002, I was volunteering for a cat rescue, and she was my first foster kitty. I was told she would be difficult to adopt as she had skin allergies, which required monthly shots and frequent visits to the dermatologist. From day one her endearing personality captured my heart. Needless to say, I adopted her within days of fostering her. She brought me so much joy and had some of the most adorable habits. She loved steamed broccoli and would swipe it from my plate if I wasn't looking. She also loved to run around the house in the middle of the night, carrying her favorite toy in her mouth and meowing the whole time. Sadly, she was diagnosed with kidney failure in the summer of 2006 and passed away that September at the age of 6. I was blessed to have her in my life for those four short years." Meggen
Libby, who had this painted for her son wrote, "The portrait is beautiful!"
Pepsi 5x7 Commissioned Portrait ©Shelly Burden
Sassy Smudges Story:
"When Scott found Pepsi, the car in front of him nearly hit her on a highway in west TX. No houses were near so he brought 3 month old Pepsi home. He was a college tennis player, so he spent lots of time training her and when he traveled she stayed with us. Pepsi grew up with Scott as his cherished companion. He took her everywhere-- she was so smart and obedient!  She comforted him in bad times and was there when he married and started his family. He now has 3 sons. Pepsi loved to play any kind of ball or frisbee. She would catch or capture footballs and basketballs and was always in the middle playing with the boys. Scott played catch with her the day she died, she was 14."  Libby

Princess ©Shelly Burden
Commissioned 8x10 portrait
Sassy Smudges story:"
Sweet Princess appeared on the balcony of my condo in June '03. I was out of town and my boyfriend (now husband) was taking care of my 3 cats that weekend. When he saw the adorable kitty outside, he gave her a little food & water thinking she might go "home" after having a bit to eat and drink. When I got back Sunday, she was still there (no surprise), so I posted "Found" flyers in my neighborhood and on the internet. She had been spayed and was front-declawed, so she must have been someone's baby, but no one claimed her.
I took her to the vet, she got vaccinations and a clean bill of health. The vet estimated her to be 6 months old. She had very unique markings on the top of her little head that formed a crown, so I named her Princess.  She was extremely laid back and got along well with my other cats. She was 100% a lap cat. I could barely sit down before she would climb into my lap and curl up, purring, to take a nap. She slept on my every night, usually curled up by my head.
In 2011, she was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. It progressed very slowly and for 2 years was well-controlled with Omega-3 supplements and diet. At the beginning of 2013, she became worse.  We said good-bye to her in March. She is so greatly missed."