Although this memorial was painted from 1 of a few photos the family had of this much loved, now very missed pretty mix breed, even if shown a dozen I couldn't have chosen a sweeter image.
Bella Memorial Ornament ©Shelly Burden. All rights reserved
Diane had this to say:
Shelly - I am telling you, truly - that you amaze me. It is more than perfect. I love your work. My girlfriends and I always do ornament exchange during the holiday's. This Christmas will be so fun to give such memorable ornaments....."

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This pampered pooch's portrait was a gift to a pair of doting dog parents, from their daughter Rachel.
Tiger 5x7 ©Shelly Burden 2013 All rights reserved
This spunky girl dog keeps her family entertained, is totally adored and loves them right back!
Special shout out thanks to Robyn for choosing me to paint her pets, provide her gifts and for sharing my name with others. 

Robyn wrote: Oh Shelly!!!!!  I love it!  Grace looks more beautiful than she already is!!!!!!!
Grace 5x7 ©Shelly Burden 2013 All rights reserved.
Shhh, it's a surprise. This appealing little muffs portrait is Robyn's gift for a friend.
"Layla" 5x7 Watercolor ©Shelly Burden 2013

Although shy, there's nothing subdued about this sweet pussycats peepers, they are mesmerizing, aren't they? 
"Mimi" Ornament keepsake ©Shelly Burden 2013. All rights reserved.
Understanding her coworkers grief over Nellie's passing, Deena gave a keepsake to honor a little fur friend. 
Nellie Ornament ©Shelly Burden 2013 All rights reserved
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Jix & Emma. 5x7 Watercolor Portraits. ©Shelly Burden 2013 All rights reserved
Kathy said this about her portraits:
Jix:"Awesome, that's my pretty old girl. Thank you so much!
Emma:"Love it, it's her sweet little (sometimes conniving) face."
A gift from friends, the timeless quality of graphite suits this special memorial portrait of Lucy's Grandma, who left the legacy of being nice, pleasant.
5x7" Graphite ©Shelly Burden 2013 All rights reserved
"Obie was adorable from the first. A little poker face but would light up when Mom came home, would do his happy dance."  Bill
"Obie" Ornament. ©Shelly Burden 2013
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