Shadow: A homeless dog turned into a sweet and loving girl-all through a families determination to rescue her! It doesn't get much better than that! :O)
Shadow 8x10 ©Shelly Burden 2013
Shadow 8x10 ©Shelly Burden 2013
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Shadow Memorial ornament ©Shelly Burden 2013
Shadows story of homelessness, hunger and fear broke my heart; but loved the rescue made by pet parents Mark and Mary. And their "failure is not an option" attitude in helping this girl to become a sweet and trusting companion.
Thank you Mary for choosing me to paint this series of portraits for Mark's birthday!
Westie's named from their families Scottish clans, with tartans to match! Aren't these 3 "teddy bears" adorable?
Adelko, Forbes & Lindsey. 11x14 Watercolor portrait. ©Shelly Burden 2013
Can finally share without ruining the surprise!
This cutie's portrait is a retirement gift for a respected boss, & his 2nd "Burden", having painted his pet as a Christmas gift.

Parker 5x7 Watercolor. Commissioned Portrait. ©Shelly Burden 2013
Ginger (lab mix), rescued from a shelter. Initially aggressive but now completely sweet & loving. Enjoys hikes and swimming. Laura H
Ginger. 8x10 Commissioned Portrait. ©Shelly Burden 2013
Lexie, rescued from a neighbor. Loves walks & bird watching. Laura H
Lexie. 8x10 Commissioned Portrait. ©Shelly Burden 2013
Topaz- A beauty in all ways. A day doesn’t go by that we do not think of Topaz. She was such a special girl." 
Maddie -"Moody but clever" Reagan-"Even tempered. She is very strong and quite the leaper."  Pet Mom AnnaMaria
Topaz, Maddie & Reagan 11x14 Watercolor. Private Collection (Thank you!) ©Shelly Burden 2013
Honored to be among the artists chosen for the "Touches of Hope" exhibit at the Southlake Town Hall Sept. 8-Oct. 31, 2013.
“Faith Family Fight” 9x12" Acrylic $249 framed. ©Shelly Burden 2013
The abstract nature of this piece symbolizes the difficulty in identifying (ovarian) cancer, while sharing a message of inspiration.