Grover, a rescue now in his forever home. A rough & tumble kind of boy who's a friend to everyone he meets.
Grover 5x7 Commissioned portrait ©Shelly Burden 2013
This adorable muff is the 2nd portrait I've done for Katie.
Her reaction?
"Absolutely awesome!
I hope you like referrals as I already have had three people ask for your information. Everyone loves your work!
And I love her note! :O)
This little gal is wary of strangers but loves walks and having her neck massaged. 
Darby 5x7 Commissioned portrait ©Shelly Burden 2013
Xavier, an abandoned then rescued husky-malamute mix. Loves having a ball kicked past him, to be pounced on as it rolls by. He also loves to play take-away, is extremely friendly & very popular in the neighborhood and local dog park.
Xavier. Ornament keepsake. ©Shelly Burden 2013
Though from NYC, before his sudden passing, Max enjoyed 3 months of romping through the Tuscan countryside with his pet parents Kristina and Renato. That had to be a wonderful time! 
Max. Memorial ornament ©Shelly Burden 2013
If the walls could talk, it'd tattle the antics of 5 friends & their 18 years of growing up together. Family & friends gave this home portrait as a 40th wedding anniversary gift.
5x7" Home portrait. ©Shelly Burden 2013
Theo is the happiest dog. He's excited about walks, food, laps, food, people, other dogs, did I mention food? :O) He always seems to be smiling!
Theo 5x7 Commissioned portrait. ©Shelly Burden 2013
"Sweet little flirt! He loved to sing "Happy Birthday" with his brother. We had him for 14 wonderful years" Tami
Chichi. Memorial Ornament ©Shelly Burden 2013
Nemo, 4 yrs & Kirby, an 11 year old Westie mix, enjoy cuddling on the couch tucking themselves in amongst the pillows.
Nemo & Kirby ornaments. ©Shelly Burden 2013