"Couldn't wait for Christmas, hung my ornament on the wall"Michelle writes:  "A message for your readers:“I 've noticed a good portion of your wonderful portraits are "Memorial Portraits".  We think it's a lovely idea to have a remembrance that you can see every day.  But wondering, why wait?  We enjoy Dylan's portrait every day. It hangs proudly in our breakfast room.”
“Dylan” Watercolor Ornament. Private Collection ©Shelly Burden 2012
"Gave it to my sister for her birthday rather than wait til Christmas. I can’t thank you enough!  It's a real treat to give someone such a personal treasure. There's no running to the mall for this gift! I’m so glad! "Alison 
Benjamin” Memorial Watercolor Ornament. Private Collection ©Shelly Burden 2012

Lucky’s a friendly looking dog, don’t you think? Although in profile, you can feel his adoring gaze. When painting his black fur the challenge was to showcase the richness of the sleek, dark coat while maintaining the mid tones and highlights necessary to depict his lovely features.
“Lucky” 8x10” Watercolor. Private Collection (Thank you!) ©Shelly Burden 2012
    Bill’s response to his friend’s portrait? “Absolutely awesome!!!”
Taz, spunky toilet paper unrolling Shih Tzu & Boxer Wrigley, a cuddler and pool companion. 
11x14" Watercolor. Private Collection. (Thank you!) ©Shelly Burden 2012
Client Comment: "The painting is perfect, it shows their personalities. Thank you again!" Jon