Michelle’s laughingly claims her Dylan is the most spoiled dog alive! Love that! :O)
Dylan 11x14” Miniature Australian Shepherd. Watercolor. Private Collection. ©2012 Shelly Burden
Pals combined efforts & had this sweetie painted for a buddie's birthday! Thoughtful friends giving such a meaningful gift, dontcha' think?
"Satine" Adorable Yorkie ornament. Private Collection. ©2012 Shelly Burden-Portrait Artist
Woody's pretty eyes (can a boy be called pretty?) & freckled nose truly makes this portrait 1 of a kind.
Woody 5x7" Golden Lab Watercolor Private collection. ©Shelly Burden
Tina had this to say about her ornament,"WOW! Shelly, it's fabulous!!! Looks just like Trouble! My Mom is going to LOVE it. Trouble has been with us a long time and may not be much longer. This will mean the world to me and my Mom! I can't wait to give it to her! Your work is amazing! Thank you so much!"  You're welcome Tina! :O)
"Trouble" Painted Pet Ornament Private Collection. ©Shelly Burden
Loves walks, his Mom and his tennis ball- but not necessarily in that order.
 Benson 5x7" Watercolor Private Collection.©Shelly Burden 
Isn’t she lovely? And lucky! This pretty pussycat, and her equally adorable Shih Tzu “sister” Chloe (whom I've also painted) are fortunate to be with "Mom" Susan. All animals should have such a wonderful home!

 5x7" Watercolor ©Shelly Burden 2012
The precious (and precocious) aging Ally Cat. Clever old puss still has the most beautiful deep gold/green eyes and thick fur!
5x7" Watercolor Private Collection
© Shelly Burden 2012