Phillie Girl
Watercolor ornament Private collection
©Shelly Burden 2012

8x10” Commissioned Watercolor
Bday gift from a hubby to his wife! Thoughtful guy!
©Shelly Burden 2012
Watercolor Ornament Private Collection
©Shelly Burden 2012
      “Yellow Rose”
5x7” watercolor $105 
Image ©Shelly Burden 2012
Facebook: Shelly Burden - Portrait Artist
"Peace in the Valley"
11x14” watercolor on canvas $295
Image ©Shelly Burden 2012
(8x10” prints available. $20 Contact me to order)
"Cookie" 8x10" Watercolor Pet Portrait ©Shelly Burden 2012
A rescue girl who's family says she's destroyed furniture, eaten over $300 worth of shoes and countless other articles. But you don't love someone because they're perfect. You just love them. :O)
“Denny” ©Shelly Burden 2012
Commissioned watercolor painted pet ornament
Shannon writes about her friend’s gift: The ornament looks adorable! 
What movie made the Brussels Griffons well know? (hint:think Jack Nicholson)
©Shelly Burden 2012
Sissy & Abby (sisters) was a gift portrait from a friend to their "Mom". I loved painting the tones in their silky tufts of wavy white and warm toned fur! Facebook Studio Site: Shelly Burden-Portrait Artist
2 spunkly little mites.
Hand painted pet portrait ornaments ©Shelly Burden 2012
Talk about being the bestest girlfriend ever...Commissioned ornament portraits for a boyfriends Mom's gift! :O) Tail wagging trumps flowers! YES!  

Isn't the puppy the cutest?

11x14" Watercolor Portrait ©Shelly Burden 2012
Shelly (great name, btw) commissioned this 11x14" triple portrait, showing her Phillie Girl's growth. 
Sadly this beautiful girl dog has passed but her delightful personality is forever remembered.
Facebook Studio Site:Shelly Burden-Portrait Artist
It’s often joked I fall in love with each furry face, and will admit to having a serious crush on painting eyes. Though cat’s eyes can be especially mesmerizing, Riley’s pools of green & gold are almost hypnotizing!

                                                          Riley 5x7" Watercolor Portrait ©Shelly Burden 2012
This pussycat survived living on the streets, being rescued, then adopted. A hobo no longer, this boy loves to watch the outside world while safely cuddling with his adoring family. Isn't that a purrfect ending to this story? (sorry, couldn't resist)  Facebook Studio: Shelly Burden-Portrait Artist