Lucia's heart shaped patch on her belly suits her completely as she loves all her toys and everyone she meets! 
5x7 Watercolor Portrait. ©Shelly Burden 2012
Wishing you a Christmas filled with love.
Mary and Child ©Shelly Burden 2012

Nicky: Favorite things: Curling up with Mom and raw hide chews. Not necessarily at the same time.
©Shelly Burden 2012
Bella: much loved rescue. George: lovable ladies man
©Shelly Burden 2012
Her 1st cat, adopted off the street, Sharon gave Tippy a loving home. 
Tippy. Memorial ornament ©Shelly Burden 2012
Once abandoned, now a healthy, playful girl in a wonderful home.
Luna Ornament ©Shelly Burden 2012
Cutie Pies! Miss A with her tennis ball loving companion!
Chance (Memorial) and Miss A. 11x14 Watercolour Portrait. ©Shelly Burden 2012
A gift from a friend of her friends sweet companion.
Samantha. Memorial Ornament ©Shelly Burden 2012
Provided 17 years of love and laughter.
Connor 5x7" Memorial Portait ©Shelly Burden
Adopted from Golden Retriever Rescue, a happy boy who loved everyone.
Beau. Memorial Ornament ©Shelly Burden 2012
Afraid of his own shadow but loves to wrestle with his boy.
Archie 8x10" Watercolour Portrait ©Shelly Burden 2012
A sweet, affectionate  and snuggly cat who followed his owner like a shadow.
Riley. Memorial Ornament ©Shelly Burden 2012
Shhh, this is a Christmas gift. Miss V snuck into her bosses office to scan the photo for this ornament. I think I hear the Mission Impossible theme song... :O) 
Deek ornament ©Shelly Burden 2012
Lucy aka Pooky Bear. A rescue who picked her person by running up and cuddling in.
Memorial ornament ©Shelly Burden 2012
Wanted a thank you gift for my brother, but what do you give a guy who has everything? Solution:   
Patricia and Noodle. Watercolor painted ornaments. ©Shelly Burden 2012 
"Every year Charlie & J had their picture taken with Santa at Operation Kindness J was 7 when he got Charlie and they shared a great life together. Charlie was a Shetland Sheepdog and a great pet (passing in 2010). The portrait is J’s sweet sixteen, he’s now 21. I’ve been holding the picture looking for someone to paint it." Jim
"Sweet 16" 11x14" Watercolor Private Collection. ©Shelly Burden 2012
Painted for my client’s friend, a lady who adores this pup more than words can express. Who wouldn't love that face? But I’m a sucker for a furry love story, aren’t you?
"Gracie" 5x7" Watercolor ©Shelly Burden
"For a friend who just lost her beloved (rescue) dog of 11 years. Her name was Phoebe and she had one of the sweetest faces I've ever seen.” Barbara
©Shelly Burden 2012
Willie-regal and intelligent. Chloe-feisty, but afraid of her own shadow.  
Willie & Chloe 8x10” Watercolor. Private Collection ©Shelly Burden 2012
Client/gift giver Bruce writes: My wife loved the painting! She's already given your name to a couple of friends. Thank you again.”
"Couldn't wait for Christmas, hung my ornament on the wall"Michelle writes:  "A message for your readers:“I 've noticed a good portion of your wonderful portraits are "Memorial Portraits".  We think it's a lovely idea to have a remembrance that you can see every day.  But wondering, why wait?  We enjoy Dylan's portrait every day. It hangs proudly in our breakfast room.”
“Dylan” Watercolor Ornament. Private Collection ©Shelly Burden 2012
"Gave it to my sister for her birthday rather than wait til Christmas. I can’t thank you enough!  It's a real treat to give someone such a personal treasure. There's no running to the mall for this gift! I’m so glad! "Alison 
Benjamin” Memorial Watercolor Ornament. Private Collection ©Shelly Burden 2012

Lucky’s a friendly looking dog, don’t you think? Although in profile, you can feel his adoring gaze. When painting his black fur the challenge was to showcase the richness of the sleek, dark coat while maintaining the mid tones and highlights necessary to depict his lovely features.
“Lucky” 8x10” Watercolor. Private Collection (Thank you!) ©Shelly Burden 2012
    Bill’s response to his friend’s portrait? “Absolutely awesome!!!”
Taz, spunky toilet paper unrolling Shih Tzu & Boxer Wrigley, a cuddler and pool companion. 
11x14" Watercolor. Private Collection. (Thank you!) ©Shelly Burden 2012
Client Comment: "The painting is perfect, it shows their personalities. Thank you again!" Jon
"You captured her perfectly. It’s as if you met her in person. Thank you so much.” Stephanie

Skye 5x7” Memorial Portrait. Private Collection ©2012 Shelly Burden
A “Thinking of You” gift, for a family, of their recently passed sweet baby of 12 years.
"Gypsy" Ornament. Private Collection. ©2012 Shelly Burden
"Maggie loves treats, is a very affectionate dog. This ornament is a thank you gift. Shelly has done a fabulous job capturing Maggie’s spirit!” Bette
"Maggie" Ornament. Private Collection. ©2012 Shelly Burden
. Ornaments are $49, 5x7” $105, 8x10’s start at $185, 11x14” from $250 & 16x20 from $450.
Doodle, a gorgeous smoky toned tabby.
Doodle 5x7” Watercolor. Private Collection. ©2012 Shelly Burden
Snickers, Doodle's brother, a memorial portrait sharing intelligent gray/green eyes.
Snicker 5x7’ Watercolor. Private Collection. ©2012 Shelly Burden
“Zoe” 8x10” Watercolor Private Collection ©2012 Shelly Burden
“Phillie Girl” 11x14” Watercolor. Private Collection. ©2012 Shelly Burden
When ordering this memorial portrait, Shelly knew she wanted something to represent her girl’s life. After I pondered the images sent, this was the outcome.
Shelly’s response to her portrait? “I love it, it looks great…it brought tears to my eyes how much it looks like her.”
This tiny mites portrait was given as a gift. I love being a part of a fun surprise! :O)
“Maybelline” 5x7” Watercolor. Private Collection. ©Shelly Burden

“Charlotte” 11x14” Watercolor. Private Collection. ©Shelly Burden
An Arabian beauty-long gone but still cherished and admired.
"Donna" 11x14" Watercolor. Private Collection. ©2012 Shelly Burden

Michelle’s laughingly claims her Dylan is the most spoiled dog alive! Love that! :O)
Dylan 11x14” Miniature Australian Shepherd. Watercolor. Private Collection. ©2012 Shelly Burden
Pals combined efforts & had this sweetie painted for a buddie's birthday! Thoughtful friends giving such a meaningful gift, dontcha' think?
"Satine" Adorable Yorkie ornament. Private Collection. ©2012 Shelly Burden-Portrait Artist
Woody's pretty eyes (can a boy be called pretty?) & freckled nose truly makes this portrait 1 of a kind.
Woody 5x7" Golden Lab Watercolor Private collection. ©Shelly Burden
Tina had this to say about her ornament,"WOW! Shelly, it's fabulous!!! Looks just like Trouble! My Mom is going to LOVE it. Trouble has been with us a long time and may not be much longer. This will mean the world to me and my Mom! I can't wait to give it to her! Your work is amazing! Thank you so much!"  You're welcome Tina! :O)
"Trouble" Painted Pet Ornament Private Collection. ©Shelly Burden
Loves walks, his Mom and his tennis ball- but not necessarily in that order.
 Benson 5x7" Watercolor Private Collection.©Shelly Burden 
Isn’t she lovely? And lucky! This pretty pussycat, and her equally adorable Shih Tzu “sister” Chloe (whom I've also painted) are fortunate to be with "Mom" Susan. All animals should have such a wonderful home!

 5x7" Watercolor ©Shelly Burden 2012
The precious (and precocious) aging Ally Cat. Clever old puss still has the most beautiful deep gold/green eyes and thick fur!
5x7" Watercolor Private Collection
© Shelly Burden 2012
1st meeting they went nose to nose, they were just curious & friends from that moment onward!
MacDuff and Kaiser 8x10” Watercolor. Private Collection ©Shelly Burden
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Rendered from a 1938 hand tinted photo; with a glint of mischief in the eyes and hint of mystery to her smile...Miss Dorothy is my very own Mona Lisa.
8x10" Graphite Private Collection ©Shelly Burden

All about Texas!
"Longhorn" ©Shelly Burden 2012 Watercolor ornament
Available to purchase $49

An older rescue, this sweetie had a wonderful- though too short- life with his family.
"Iorek" ©Shelly Burden 2012
American Eskimo 5x7" Memorial watercolor portrait
Michelle's Dad's gift.
"Snoopy" ©Shelly Burden 2012
Watercolor painted ornament of a much missed companion.
Contact me for your furry friend's portrait.
Inquiries always welcomed.
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I adore painting Bassets' with their glorious tones, smooth droopy ears and breed defining eyes. 
Maggies sweet expression was no exception. Loved hearing she was spunky as well as stunning!
"Maggie" 8x10" Memorial watercolor portrait
©Shelly Burden
(repeat) Client Dee Lynne wrote: "She looks awesome!  Brought tears to our eyes!  You have captured her perfectly!" 
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Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh My! A couple exotic animal rescue facilities, located in Texas and worth seeing. and
Phillie Girl
Watercolor ornament Private collection
©Shelly Burden 2012

8x10” Commissioned Watercolor
Bday gift from a hubby to his wife! Thoughtful guy!
©Shelly Burden 2012
Watercolor Ornament Private Collection
©Shelly Burden 2012
      “Yellow Rose”
5x7” watercolor $105 
Image ©Shelly Burden 2012
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