A birthday gift for her daughter in law, Pat wouldn't tell her curious son why she needed photos, preferring to surprise them both.
Her reaction? "This is great. So interesting to see the progression" then "This is perfect. You've captured Zoe and Archie's personalities perfectly. I love it and I know Tiffany will too."
Archie and Zoe 8x10 Watercolor Keepsake. Done & at home in California.
©Shelly Burden"

"Bull Terriers are very funny, stubborn & lovable. Archie's tan and white and is less than a year old. He's a hard headed little boy but has graduated from puppy school to intermediate classes so we'll see...
Zoe is white with a black patch on her eye and is about 7 years old. Zoe loves to roll in the grass and on walks will take advantage of every grassy spot she finds to roll and flop. When people see her, depending on their age, they compare her to General Patton's dog, Spuds MacKenzie or the Target dog."