When it comes to animals Michelle's known to have a heart as big as Texas...and this little one wrapped it around his paw in no time at all! But look at those eyes, how could she resist?
Toby. Watercolor ornament ©Shelly Burden. Commission for Michelle. Smile
(Get it or Gift it...contact me for either. Inquiries always welcomed)
 "In August we lost our beloved Miniature Aussie, Dylan. We were left with a hole in our hearts and sadness in our home. So, in late Oct we went to NC to see Dylan’s breeder.  We brought home Toby. Doesn’t he look so sweet in the ornament portrait Shelly did for us? Well looks can be deceiving. For about 2 months I was convinced I brought home the “Tasmanian Devil”!  Toby's now going on 9 months old. He really has turned out to be even sweeter than he looks in the portrait. He loves everyone & everything. He loves to play with & chew on his toys. We feel so very fortunate to have him. Dylan will always hold a special place in our hearts but Toby has claimed his own place. He's once again filled our hearts with love & our home with happiness. I can’t wait until he gets all of his “big boy hair” so I can have Shelly do a portrait of him.
Thanks, Shelly. We love the ornament. It captures perfectly what Toby looked like when he was a little pup. We love it
!" Michelle