Sam. Watercolor ornament ©Shelly Burden. Commission for Mary for her family. Thank you Mary!
"Sam was about a year old when I met him for the first time at a FW shelter. He was mangy and hadn't been cared for but he had the sweetest disposition, as if he had no hard feelings about how he had been treated thus far. He took to our young children right away and was the perfect piece to complete our family. We named him Sambuca but we called him Sam mostly. He loved to chase the polaris around our pool and the airplanes that flew overhead from nearby DFW airport. We used to get such a kick out of him barking & running around the yard, tail wagging as a plane flew overhead...every single time, as if it were the first time. He had one floppy ear that was his most distinguishing characteristic. He really was the sweetest dog and was loved by all. As he got older he loved to lay on your lap and at night he would sometimes sleep with the kids which they loved. He completed our family and will be missed but we feel blessed to have had him for so many years"  Mary
Mary's comment about Sam's ornament: "Omg that looks fantastic!