Dark fur, especially dark faces, can be challenging to photograph. But Ruth Ann & Les knew how to handle that - take the pup into natural light and snap away! (Preferably slightly overcast to avoid a squint hiding your pets mesmerizing eyes)
Add a click of the tongue, some treats and a helper to capture a camera shy pooches attention & you'll get some great images!

Another challenge? Painting dark furry faces, giving texture and form to those gorgeous deep tones. But one I gladly accept!
Gracie. Hand painted watercolor ornament ©Shelly Burden
"Cute, energetic & fiercely family loyal you can’t walk by our house without setting her off, she's a great watch dog. She loves her walks, though now as she ages those walks are blocks and not miles. She's content to be in whatever room we are in. Gracie always enjoys toys and we like to serve up a variety. If she isn’t getting attention, she has a way to let us know, though she seems to understand when we need space, too. Now at 13 and slowing with more trips to the vet than we would prefer, we are feeling that bittersweet tug.
So are delighted that we have an image far better than the photographs in terms of capturing our life with Amazing Grace. That is a very big thank you" Les & Ruth Ann