Cody, Wylie & Brandy 11x14" Watercolor ©Shelly Burden. Susan's gift to her sister Sharon.
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" Cody's the most amazing & loyal dog, named after a dog (Dakota) from a book called "The Angel By My Side", Cody is my Angel every single day.
We corresponded with Cody's breeder & got 1st pick of the new litter and got Baby Brandy!  She was named after the song "Brandy" ("what a good wife you would be" from 1972).
We thought she'd be a good sister for Cody as we had lost other dogs in between them. Cody actually picked her out, when we went to look at the litter, and she's been a fabulous little sister.
Wylie came when I realized all our animals (plus 2 cats) were aging. I looked and found little Wylie, then drove to Arkansas (with Cody) to pick the little guy up. He'll be a year old on May 24th of this year. Yeah...Happy birthday Wylie!
Wylie has total fun with his sister Brandy, they jump on each other all the time. I think he makes her younger." Sharon