Capturing memories with painted keepsakes. Provide visual reminders of what's special in our lives. It's what I do. Enjoy the outcome!
 Jackson 8x10 Watercolor ©Shelly Burden. Commission from Sarah for her Mom. Thank you Sarah!
 "Jack chose his family one cold night when we walked up to the area where he was, and he was the only pug to run over and make my Mom pick him up. Mom told Dad " Pay up, I'm not leaving without this puppy". He's the sweetest pug in the world. He has a strong personality, loves to be pet and be the center of attention. Loves to go on walks & expects to go out front and get the mail everyday. He also loves to go out back and fall asleep sunbathing. Very spoiled. He's a trooper though, with his one eye. He had to have the other removed due to cataracts, even though he can't see very well and limps around he still expects to be treated the same if not better." Sarah