Lucy cutely coiffed in a topknot and Jak with what I'm told is his "sneaky eye" look. 
Lucy & Jak Ornaments ©Shelly Burden
"Lucy's a “young at heart” 12+ year old rescue and still called by all a “cute puppy”. She is very reserved and only plays with her big playmate of 55 pounds. (Jake) Lucy is the fastest runner and can be caught only if cornered."
"Jak's a mischievous, lovable & loving pup. He needs every moment of your time and is very demanding – he will get what he wants. In the shelter he came with name King - maybe that's why he still wants to get his way." Olga

Olga had the nicest thing to say,"I'm really impressed by your talent. You've found your touch and it makes your art special
Wow! Thank you Olga!