Tinkerbell Ornament ©Shelly Burden
"Tinkerbell was my parents little pride and joy. Anywhere they went Tinkerbell was either hidden deep in a pocket or snuggled up in their arms. My Dad became sick and had to be confined to nursing rehab. Mom and Tinkerbell visited him daily, spending hours by his side. A few months later my Mom was diagnosed with cancer and passed away.
My Dad, still in nursing rehab was visited by Tinkerbell and I nearly everyday. Everyone loved her at the rehab. She knew right where to go to get to my Dad's room. She would stop and let all the patients pet her on her way. Then she'd jump in bed with my Dad and be right back at home in his arms.
On Feb 14th my Dad went home to be with my Mom. Me, without brothers or sisters and Tinkerbell without my Mom or Dad, we became very tight. We were all each other had left. So Tinkerbell, is very very dear to me. I've had many dogs growing up in the country. They were what they were and good at the things they needed to do around the place. But as for Tinkerbell, that little 4lb bundle of joy has my heart." Shayna