"CJ" Memorial 8x10 Watercolor ©Shelly Burden
"CJ was our daughter before we had one She was the best pup ever. We treated her like a kid. God gave me exactly what I wanted. A female white boxer who was the runt of her litter. I miss her every day! Just the best companion in the world. She loved our daughter so much. She was simply the best dog ever!" Tiffany & Curt

Schooner 11x14 Commissioned Memorial Portrait ©Shelly Burden
Schooner, a New Years Eve baby, was Crystal's much loved, spunky and devoted companion. Crystal shared some wonderful images showing their unique history and there were a few that stood out. But saw this particular pose, with Schooners inquisitive yet somewhat relaxed look and I just couldn’t resist. The little show of tooth is adorable with the otherwise regal stance-so uniquely boxerish!

Crystal said this about her keepsake: "Oh my goodness...you've
overwhelmed me again with those eyes and his adoring face! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! You've truly captured my precious Schoondiggity as I'd want to remember him.
Ayla Ornament ©Shelly Burden
From Foster to Adopted! A rescue with Legacy Boxer, Ayla came into BJ & Steve's home as a foster, but this sweet girl immediately captured their hearts. She's now a permanent part of their family. A story with a tail wagging happy ending! (or in this case a boxer butt wiggle)
Mr Boogers & Tabby Ornaments ©Shelly Burden
BJ wrote: "Mr. Boogers looks so sweet and he was. Tabby was a very alert and inquisitive girl. You captured that. Thanks!"
While I was packing up at the Cottonwood Art Festival, Coco's so relaxed she's draped over the chair & side table, nose resting on the cup holder.
My adorable tired out little show companion! :O)

Rocky: an adored 7 year old Brittany who loves to curl up on the corner of the couch, prop his head on the armrest and watch his family through his half closed, completely contented gaze.
 Rocky 8x10 ©Shelly Burden
Though the others were gifts, this is the 3rd portrait I've painted for Ann & Linda. Who wrote: "Rocky's portrait is absolutely beautiful...I see my beloved Rocky looking back at me."