Charge: a Russian Tortoise. He got his name because when they would let him out in the backyard, he would charge across the grass. My nephew got Charge for his birthday when he was in the 5th grade – he is now a junior in college. Charge lives in Houston and loves to sun himself in the backyard on warm days.
Petey: Likely a runaway because he was groomed and had a collar, but no tags. Pictures & flyers were posted for 6 weeks trying to find his owner, but to no avail. Petey has NEVER met a stranger. He loves to fetch and sit in whatever lap is available.

Charge and Petey Painted Ornaments ©Shelly Burden

Ann wrote: "I love the ornament you did of my Duke so much, I'd like to have ornaments made for my 2 nephews." (then after seeing her gifts) " I love them! sister does too!"