"Abby (dog) was abandoned at my parents farm, which had been a drop off point for unwanted pets for many years. Unfortunately both parents had passed so there was no one to rescue Abby, but my brother in law checked on things and called saying there was a black lab puppy left there. We had just lost our dog, it was a perfect fit. That's been 10 years ago now. Abby was about 4 months and so very lovable.

Friday (cat) was a baby when he came to live with us. We had a pet sitter that didn't sit and so when we were out of town, our loved cat disappeared.  My husband daily, sometimes twice a day, would stop in at all the shelters to see if our cat was there. On Friday the 13th, almost 7 years ago, he came home with this very small kitten.  Friday fit in the palm of his hand and had been left at one of the shelters.

He was immediately adopted by us, and not having known his Mom, assumed Abby was his Mom. We have precious pictures of Friday sleeping next to Abby. Abby was so wonderful, never snapping or complaining, often grooming Friday. They'd engage in "wrestling" matches, both being extremely gentle with the other. They've gotten older now so it isn't quite the same, but Friday still wants to snuggle as close to Abby as possible. Abby isn't as happy with it as she once was since Friday is a much bigger cat now! They are wonderful together and seem to understand how much they are loved.
 Friday and Abby 11x14 Commissioned Portrait ©Shelly Burden