"Muffin was my daughter’s cat. Our cat Callie had kittens and 1 was a calico but that's not why we kept her, Muffin cried so much & so loud we worried a new family might get tired of it.
Let me start at the beginning. My daughter got a kitten for her birthday – Critter! Shortly after the kids found two kittens – Callie and a black male (forgot his name). Critter had babies & when they were 6 wks gave them to their new homes.The next day Callie had babies. Critter missed her babies so much she would steal Callie’s kittens. Callie didn't seem to care. Both Critter & Callie would lay in the box and feed whoever. But when Critter tried to steal Muffin everyone knew as she would cry so loud! So we kept her.
When Critter died, my daughter, April made Muffin her cat. April and Muffin were very close and Muffin was happy to stay with her mother Callie. When April grew up & moved away Muffin stayed with us, until her passing at 16 yrs."
  Muffin Memorial Ornament ©Shelly Burden