"Andre was the queen of all our pets, past, present and future. I adopted her when a couple of kids, at the school where I worked, brought her to me. They had found her on the playground. She fit in the palm of my hand. I named her Andre (after Oprah’s hairdresser) because I thought she was a boy. When I took her for her first vet visit, I found out she was a girl, but by then, she knew her name was Andre.

She was so smart and loving. She was also very trusting. She wasn't afraid of anything, including Great Danes. I think she was too curious for her own good. She fell in love with Ken right away, but was not at all happy when she no longer had half the bed to herself. Andre lived to be 16 years, so she was a big part of my life." Olivia
Andre Commissioned Ornament ©Shelly Burden
Olivia wrote this of Andre's keepsake:
"You caught the “Liz Taylor” beauty mark on her chin.

Thanks so much for what you do. Such a gift! Olivia & Ken