Hope your screen settings allows enjoying the range of tones in this cuties dark tousled fur & sweet brown eyes!
Speaking of which, a comment from (gift giver) Cher:
" It looks so good!  You got him. : )  "

"Most of Rachelle's childhood to young adult, Rocky was there for her. He protected her from everyone. If I'd wrestle or tickle her, he'd be there nipping at me or getting in between us.
He was a character. We used to call him the "fun police," because whenever things got chaotic he would run around and tell everyone, with his distinctive talking voice, to calm down. He could replicate sirens perfectly when they went by!
He was very smart. At night, he would lay in Rachelle's bed until she fell asleep, then go down and sleep through the night in the master bedroom with our mom, and then return back to Rachelle's bed before she woke up so she would think he was there all night.
We all miss him dearly, but none like Rachelle."
(Big Sister) Cher

  Rocky 11x14 Memorial Portrait ©Shelly Burden