"My sweet, sweet Henry...Henry (aka: The Big Guy): Good looking. High energy. Loved tennis balls, baseball gloves and watermelon, but none more than his Santa (toy). Walked like a lizard. Jumped and ran like greased lightning. Always ready for a ride with the windows down. Loved his sister Sarah, protected her like brothers are supposed to. Never passed on a Three Dog Bakery Boxer Brownie Treat. Great furry family member. Forever in our Hearts...rest in peace sweet baby" Denise

Denise commented about her much loved and missed Henry's portrait: "You have captured Henry's love through his eyes, thank you! Goodness, through tears and a huge tug at my heart, thank you.  My little man..."
Henry Memorial 8x10 ©Shelly Burden

This solid little mass of girl dog has the most delightful gaze, it's as though she's watching your every move! I'm often asked if I can paint a black dog, I'll let you be the judge. Wink

And of her Dad's gift:"
You are absolutely awesome!!! The final is so impressive and warm. My Dad is going to love it!!!" Denise

Angel 8x10 Portrait ©Shelly Burden
(Commissioned by Denise for her Dad's bday)