"12 yrs ago I made a trip to Brookshires. Approaching the door I saw a basket & sign: “Puppies to good homes” - $20.00. Knowing I'm a pushover, I actually partially covered my eyes so I couldn’t see them. Coming out, hands full, I had no choice but to see only 2 left of a litter of 9. A little 4 lb bundle of black & white fur was calling my name. He was born the day after Christmas so we named him Nick. His mother was a Border Collie, his father a Jack Russell. People would ask what kind of a dog he was & we'd say a “Brookshire Border Jack” which was meaningless but sounded impressive!!
He quickly became my husband’s dog, rarely more than 10 ft from Bob. He sat on the console of Bob’s truck, knew his way around every corner in Weatherford that led to a drive thru that passed out treats, rode on the front seat of the giant forklift with Bob at work & went on cross country camping trips. Bob called him his chick magnet – everyone loved Nick. His antics over the years could fill volumes! We live in the country so he had ample opportunity to chase, run, occasionally catch, & dig. But at the core, Nick was a house dog. He was happiest at Bob’s feet looking up at him adoringly or covering him in kisses. Towards the end of his life when we were having trouble getting him to eat, Bob would get a roasted chicken, remove the skin & bones & portion it out for Nick’s meals. Along with fresh cooked oatmeal in the morning, medication & 24/7 intensive care, Nick lived a year longer than the vet predicted. It could have been 10 more years & it wouldn’t have been long enough for his master who truly was a broken man the day he had to put Nick down. And all of Bob’s friends who knew so well the bond between the 2 were nearly brought to tears with the news.

His portrait will hang in a prominent place in our home just as he occupied such a prominent place in our hearts."  Virginia

Nick 11x14 Commissioned Watercolor ©Shelly Burden
Virginia's comment about her husband's gift:
"It is simply magnificent. You have perfectly captured his (Nick's) soulful expression. Thank you for everything."