"Cubby, an 8 yr old 50/50 Yorkie & Pekinese. Named to honor our beloved Chicago Cubs, he sports the nickname of Cub-Man. He's a sweet, little boy who plays well with his two "sisters", a Schipperke and a Maltese. He reminds us of Yoda from Star Wars, not only in appearance, but in how he walks - mostly in that shuffling Pekinese / Yoda wobble. We believe that Shelly's ornament accurately captured both Cubby's image and that hard to define spark that distinguishes him as the Cub-Man." 

"Sissy came to us after a tough, puppy mill start in her life. After a short time in a great foster home, we had the good fortune for a then 2 yr old Maltese to rescue us from mundane living. Her name was Sissy back in the day, and we decided it was a good fit for her personality. Her nickname became SissyVicious because she bonded so closely to Ruthann that she created a perimeter around my wife. Despite her diva behavior, she can often be seen cuddling up with one of the other dogs when Ruthann is not available...she brings more joy than we could imagine" Les
 Cubby and Sissy Ornaments ©Shelly Burden
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