Alex – Murphy’s brother. We picked him up at Petsmart about 2 yrs after getting Murphy. He got along great with Murphy and Mr Kitty but Bestet and he vied for 2nd in command when Murphy became Alpha after MrKitty left us.
MrKitty – family matriarch, my wife rescued him when he was hit by a school bus in the street very young. She didn't give him a “normal” name as she didn't think he'd survive, but he lived over 20 yrs though lost a lot of teeth due to lack of mothers milk at such a young age.
– Champion Himalayan, wonderful cat. Very playful, he and MrKitty were the best of buds.
– He was my wife’s 1st cat. A few years after owning Nibbles a vet said Nibbles was blind, had been since birth. My wife had no idea.
Murphy – MrKitty brought him up and taught him like a son. My wife spent 6 hrs at Petsmart before getting him as he was very shy and scared. He is very demanding and verbal now.
– Cat rescued at our back door. He had mange and very little hair and starving when we found him. My wife was a little hesitate to get him but she loves him now and he sleeps on her all the time.
Baby – another rescue cat. The only female, all the others are males. Very moody." Ed
 Alex, MrKitty, Tia, Nibbles, Murphy, Bestet and Baby 16x20" Commissioned Watercolor ©Shelly Burden