"Charity's mastiffs, America & Freedom, named because Charity was in the Army and is very proud of her country. When puppies she always called them her babies, and they never got to the point they didn't think they were lap dogs.
They were her protectors, companions, confidants and source of much joy. They saw her through many changes and many, many happy times.

 America, weighing about 160 pounds, was always the active girl who loved snuggling, chasing water, playing chase with other dogs, playing in the rain and was fiercely loyal.
Freedom, at 190 + pounds, was the gentle giant. He wasn't active but very lovable and friendly. When Jack, the beagle, would bark at him, he would lay there wondering what all the fuss was about." Rita
 Freedom, Charity and America 11x14 Graphite ©Shelly Burden