"Sue's my Mom's baby and is getting up there in age, but still the "baby"...lol.  She's been spoiled rotten, so wasn't quite sure what to think of Penny when Penny invaded "her space".
My Mom acquired Penny last summer, so it was the first year she got to see her in the snow. Since she's a miniature horse, my mother said the snow came up to her belly.
She said it was a hoot watching her run around in the snow. Penny LOVED it!
Penny is quite a pistol compared to Sue. I think her silly shenanigans amuse Sue, in a subtle way, lol." -Kelly

Sue and Penny 8x10 Watercolor Portrait ©Shelly Burden
Kelly's comment about her Mom's (gift) portrait:

"Thank you so very much. I really appreciate you and your craft. You have an amazing gift! (My Mom) is so happy with what you have done." Kelly