"I was in our Nation's Capital on business, enjoying our patriotic holiday. I have no idea what possessed me to "go hold" the kitties up for adoption at plaza I passed by, but I did. I held the one who would be my Angel, my buddy, my in house comedian! When I put the little one back in the cage I saw an "expiration date"...then her furry paw reached out "punking me"on my arm. I looked up at God and said "REALLY? Are you serious?!" I adopted her, bought a carrier and a plane ticket and flew home. I named her "Liberty", aka Libby Kitty.
As I fell more in love with Libby it was the little things that became uniquely her. For example, she would paw me on the face in the mornings as if to say, "Okay Mama, feed me!"  I swore I was gonna teach her the days of the week because that was a 6am occurrence DAILY, even weekends!
Six months later to the date I found/adopted Libby I had a stroke at 44 years old. I'm a healthy woman and was out of town when it happened. Ironically in Washington DC, where the hospital misdiagnosed me, saying I had vertigo and a severe migraine and allowed me to fly home. I made it home but was terribly sick. Tried to nap but Libby was acting strange. She kept pawing my face like she does in the morning to feed her...and kept doing it! Just then a different ER Dr from DC phoned. He said "I'm going over the reports from your test and I don't know how to tell you this but they weren't accurate in your diagnosis. It shows you have a blood clot in your brain, I need you to get back here now." I said, "Doc I'm already home". He freaked and said " Oh my goodness YOU FLEW?" He immediately asked, "How are you feeling?" I said, "I am so sick, I've been trying to take a nap and..." He cut me off and said " Oh GOD NO you can't sleep! You need to get to a hospital now" . My Mom took me to the hospital. Symptoms began and worsened: my speech became impaired, my balance off and my left side wasn't functioning properly. I spent over a week in the hospital and worried every day about "The Libster". On my 3rd day my Mom in a very matter of fact manner said , " You know....I guess you two girls are even. You saved Libby's life and she saved YOURS!"
  Mary Terese

"Liberty Cat" Ornament. ©Shelly Burden