"Wilson" 16x20" Memorial Portrait. ©Shelly Burden

I pulled Wilson out of an Orange County, CA Shelter in Nov. '08, arriving just as the shelter was about to euthanize him. When I rescued him, he was very skinny and terribly food aggressive (if you tried to give him food, he'd snarl and bare his teeth and bite) He also had kennel cough. After a couple of months getting him healthy and having him work with a trainer, I starting working to adopt him. Ultimately, after 3 failed tries at that (he kept nipping people), my wife, Tammi, and I decided to bring him into our home.
He immediately fit in and quickly became not only the alpha but my best buddy. He'd follow me everywhere and when I was not home, would keep staring out the window waiting for my return. We'd also let him sleep on the bed...I would frequently wake up during the night to find him laying right up against me. He was simply the most wonderful dog I have ever known. Everyone who met him fell in love with his big jowls, giant brown eyes and loving disposition. He longed for attention and would rub my arm with his paw until I‘d agree to pet him for at least 10-15 minutes. And, when I worked at home, he would lay just a few feet from me, with one eye closed and the other firmly fixed on my location.

More recently, we discovered that Wilson had two inoperable tumors near his heart and another in his throat. His heart had also started to weaken. We took him to the best specialists we could find in TX and thought we were at least buying time...this morning he suffered a heart attack and passed away. He was a wonderful friend and the most loving dog I have ever known and will be deeply missed.

Thank you, Shelly, for helping Tammi and me honor Wilson's life and legacy." Wayne
Update: Wayne and Tammi have given another boxer a wonderfully loving home. Zek, a senior found through Legacy Boxer Rescue. Last I heard Zek was making himself at home, settling in and doing well.