The portraits being hubby Ed's gift, Debbie tried taking photos on the sly, but her girls weren't cooperating. Until one morning they were suddenly in a posing kind of mood...Debbie confesses treats may have been involved. Ah, cookies...pooch kryptonite!

Though she ended up doing a great job getting Lucy, a little "tom girl" and Kristi, "the princess" to sit/stay long enough for some sweet shots, I utilized 2 separate images to build her one of a kind double portrait. And others for the ornaments below.
Lucy and Kristi Commissioned 8x10 Watercolor. ©Shelly Burden

Lucy and Kristi Ornaments ©Shelly Burden

After seeing her portraits Deborah wrote: "OMGoodness...They are so beautiful!!  Our little babies!! You are AWESOME with such a special gift and talent. Thank you!!"