"We love the portraits. They warm our hearts and bring back good memories each and every time we see them." Doris
Mollie 10x10 Memorial Portrait ©Shelly Burden 
Rozee 10x10 Memorial Portrait ©Shelly Burden
  Dazee 10x10 Portrait ©Shelly Burden

"Mollie was an only child for many years. When she was 6 we moved to a home on a large lot where she needed company to patrol the acreage. We ended up with 2 puppies, Dazee (tri-color) and Rozee (white and tan) since we couldn't decide which one we liked better. Mollie went with us to pick them out and she liked both of them as well. That never changed. Mollie took over as their mom and taught them the ropes. They kept her young and she lived to the old age of 15 /12.
Rozee was the "lover". She loved to be hugged, the tighter the better. There was no such thing as too much human attention for her. Rozee and Dazee both loved being around children. Dazee let Rozee do all the work of asking for dinner and going outside. She was content to follow Dad around and spend time with him in his workshop. There was no noise that was so loud it would keep her away. Rozee passed away at 10, long before her time, but Dazee lives with us now. She is so sweet and has totally taken over our hearts with her loyalty and her obviously adorable looks." Doris