Libby, who had this painted for her son wrote, "The portrait is beautiful!"
Pepsi 5x7 Commissioned Portrait ©Shelly Burden
Sassy Smudges Story:
"When Scott found Pepsi, the car in front of him nearly hit her on a highway in west TX. No houses were near so he brought 3 month old Pepsi home. He was a college tennis player, so he spent lots of time training her and when he traveled she stayed with us. Pepsi grew up with Scott as his cherished companion. He took her everywhere-- she was so smart and obedient!  She comforted him in bad times and was there when he married and started his family. He now has 3 sons. Pepsi loved to play any kind of ball or frisbee. She would catch or capture footballs and basketballs and was always in the middle playing with the boys. Scott played catch with her the day she died, she was 14."  Libby