Princess ©Shelly Burden
Commissioned 8x10 portrait
Sassy Smudges story:"
Sweet Princess appeared on the balcony of my condo in June '03. I was out of town and my boyfriend (now husband) was taking care of my 3 cats that weekend. When he saw the adorable kitty outside, he gave her a little food & water thinking she might go "home" after having a bit to eat and drink. When I got back Sunday, she was still there (no surprise), so I posted "Found" flyers in my neighborhood and on the internet. She had been spayed and was front-declawed, so she must have been someone's baby, but no one claimed her.
I took her to the vet, she got vaccinations and a clean bill of health. The vet estimated her to be 6 months old. She had very unique markings on the top of her little head that formed a crown, so I named her Princess.  She was extremely laid back and got along well with my other cats. She was 100% a lap cat. I could barely sit down before she would climb into my lap and curl up, purring, to take a nap. She slept on my every night, usually curled up by my head.
In 2011, she was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. It progressed very slowly and for 2 years was well-controlled with Omega-3 supplements and diet. At the beginning of 2013, she became worse.  We said good-bye to her in March. She is so greatly missed."