Dixie & Aggie. Commissioned keepsake ornaments. ©Shelly Burden 2014
"Dixie is a three year old miniature dachshund rescued from Operation Kindness.  She is as charmingly bossy as she is cute, and she loves snuggling on the couch and being near her family."

"Aggie is a five year old Australian cattle dog mix rescued from the SPCA.  She has endless enthusiasm for everything she does from taking walks to watching TV to greeting guests.  She loves hanging out with her doggie friends in her neighborhood and spending time with her family." 

Contact me to inquire or order a portrait of your own.
I love chatting about that sort of thing!

Behind the scenes: Karen, referred by Xaviers pet parents, (Thanks Ken & Olivia!)
ordered a "1 for you, 1 for me" set of furry faces.

 Of her gift to her sister (& herself) she wrote:
"They are so beautiful! I think you captured them perfectly...I'm excited this is something that I can keep forever to remember how cute and special she is."

SmileThat's exactly why I choose to provide commissions!
To preserve memories, honor relationships.